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We are an AGILE and CUSTOMER-CENTRIC company.

Our objective is to “Straighten the Curves of Mortgage Financing™” for our client(s) so that his or her goal of mortgage financing is achieved successfully. We accomplish this goal by planning, analysing options and recommending the optimal mortgage solution for our clients based on their current and future financial and/or personal/family context and negotiate with the lender(s) to secure the best possible mortgage rate and terms based on client’s financial attributes such as, income, credit history and debt etc. In the end, we will work towards achieving the best possible outcome for all our clients.

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Excellent Customer Service

Sunny Homes Mortgage Brokers provide excellent customer service with their dedicated and friendly service. I can confidently say that Sunny Homes always have their client’s best interests in mind. They are extremely responsive and patiently answered all my questions and inquiries, to ensure that I am comfortable and well-informed. I highly recommend Sunny Homes to anyone seeking assistance with their mortgage needs.

Geeta Kapoor
B.A., J.D.

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Hiten Nath MBA, CPA, CGA
Phone:+1 647 638 7003
Toronto, ON
Broker#: M09002805
Email: sunnyhomesmortgagebrokers@hotmail.com