Organizational Values

Our Values

Trust & Honesty in all dealings with the clients and the lenders

We will act honourably, with honesty and respectfully in all our relationships with our clients, lenders and other people we intend to serve and work with and who rely on us for the achievement of their goals.


Customer-Centric Focus

We will work hard and diligently to provide the best advice and mortgage solution(s) to our clients. We will ensure that we are focused to provide the highest quality services that are responsive to client needs and goals. We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons.


We take full responsibility for all our commitments and will hold ourselves accountable for all our actions towards our clients, lenders and other stakeholders.


We will be fully transparent in all our dealings by disclosing all the information that materially impacts our clients and lenders.

Compliant with the Law

We will strive to be fully compliant with the object, spirit and purpose of the governing legislation by applying its provisions into our daily operations and mortgage transactions.

Fair Treatment

We will deal with everyone in an open, impartial and non-discriminatory manner. We ensure that the processes we use and the decisions that we will make are fair and are also seen as fair by all parties


We will respect all parties involved in the transaction(s) and will work diligently to provide the best possible outcome(s) for our clients and lenders.


We will ensure that any confidential information provided to us by our clients will be held in confidence and securely. Any personal information will not be shared with any party outside the mortgage transaction, other than ordered by a court of law.


We will engage with our customers, lenders and other stakeholders to find out how we can do better. We will continuously monitor and measure to ensure that we meet not only our goals but also client’s and lender’s expectations.